In the late seventies , two young Frenchmen meet the crazy challenge to make an authentic Chinese junk built on the traditional shipyard of Canton. La Dame de Canton is the last Chinese junk built according to plans of the seventeenth century: 25 meters long, 7 meters wide, weighing 80 tons, the junk is made of seven different types of exotic wood, tiller, ribs and planking pinned and studded in the traditional way, three-mast rig with bamboo battened sails covering 250m2 . An extraordinary boat! Baptized La Dame de Canton, this extraordinary junk left its home port for many years of navigation. (first junk to pass the Cape of Good Hope) and has one and a half circumnavigations in its records. In 1981 La Dame de Canton becomes a floating news agency and hosts a number of events… In 1995, after having sailed for over ten years to discover different countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, United States, totaling over forty countries, La Dame de Canton docks in the heart of Paris, on the left bank of the river Seine, and becomes a multicultural scene open to the public. The junk takes the name “Guinguette Pirate” and becomes a cultural hub welc@oming multidisciplinary artists from around the world. Later the junk takes back her original name and now also hosts private parties offering individuals and companies alike, unique and personalized event concepts for their guests. Restaurant: A true festival of flavors taking you around the world, a tasty and creative cuisine blending spices and subtle associations of sweet and savory.